Program Committees

CCS 2022 , Asiacrypt 2021 , PKC 2021 , Stanford Blockchain Conference 2020, Indocrypt 2019


Electric Coin Company, Sapling MPC. I verified the security proof for the Sapling MPC (results presented here) to ensure that there were no generic attacks. Read here for more details.


At the EF I have had the pleasure to have worked with the following interns.

Dimitris Kolonelos, Mikhail Volkhov: Dimitris and Mikhail worked jointly researching zero-knowledge arguments over subverted RSA groups. The paper will be made public soon. They also wrote a blog post explaining Groth-Sahai proofs to a general cryptographic audience.

Arantxa Zapico: Arantxa and I designed Caulk, a zero-knowledge lookup argument with sublinear proving time.

While at UCL I supervised Psi Vesely for their masters dissertation. We collaborated with a team from UC Berkeley on Marlin, a universal SNARK. We also researched on inner pairing product arguments which are a key ingredient in SNARKPack.

If you are a PhD student in cryptography looking for an internship in the EF then consider sending a CV to The internship will be remote working and there is no fixed time of year to apply – however I do need a suitably interesting topic in order to secure funding. I usually have capacity to supervise between one and two students at a time. You should have publications in top tier venues such as Eurocrypt or Crypto. I also expect you to be familiar with at least one of my publications and comfortable working on applied topics. It will greatly help your application if you introduce yourself to me at a conference.


I gave a lecture at the BIU winter school on Blockchain technologies Custom Constraints in Plonkish and Lookup arguments.

I was part of the program committee organising the ZKProof5 workshop The 5TH ZKProof Workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel 2022. The purpose of this workshop is to bring the zero-knowledge community together to discuss standards. I helped decide the program, ran a breakout session on the Plonk working group, and gave a keynote talk found here.

I coorganised the workshop Cryptographic Frontier: Open Problems in Ethereum Research which is affiliated with Eurocrypt 2021. The purpose of this workshop is to bring the most interesting and challenging open cryptographic questions that Ethereum faces to the attention of academia.

Blog posts

Groth-Sahai Proofs Are Not That Scary [link]
VDF Proving with SnarkPack [link]
A Marlin is one of the fastest snarks in the ocean. [link]
Introducing Sonic: A practical zk-SNARK with a nearly trustless setup. [link]