About Myself

I am a cryptography researcher at the Ethereum Foundation and PQShield. I am generally interested in public key cryptography with a heavy focus on zero-knowledge proofs. I believe that one day ZKPs will change the world. I am also interested in threshold cryptography.

I am currently an editor in the ZKProof Standardization effort. I am part of the working group for standardising the Plonkish arithmetisation system and IOP.

My PhD – Practical Zero-Knowledge Arguments from Structured Reference Strings (here) – was gained at University College London. My thesis was supervised by Sarah Meiklejohn and Jens Groth. Microsoft Research Cambridge supported my PhD. I was co-supervised by Markulf Kohlweiss, whom I also completed an internship with in 2017.

I am currently a member of the ECC Scientific Advisory Group.

In 2020 I advised Ernst and Young in their design of Nightfall.

My undergraduate degree was in Mathematics at the University of Bristol. My dissertation was on representations and special functions and was supervised by Yves Tourigny.

Here is my Google scholar page